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Alphabet Club

Watch trailer Photography © Matt Tullett 2014

A burst of movement; a howl of rage; a piece of poetry; a beautiful aria: Music, dance and spoken word are blended together in Alphabet Club, a short film by director Jamie Fletcher. Alphabet Club is a meditation on gender and identity. What makes us who we are and what are the options that we have to choose from?

Starring Owen Farrow AKA Divina De Campo. With spoken word by Matthew Bellwood and featuring a collective of dancers from across the North of England to create a cinematic conversation about LGBTQ+ issues.

(Film length: 35 mins)

Alphabet Club was made in 2013 and since 2014 it has been screened at film festivals, cinemas, arts centres, galleries, universities, schools and with LGBTQ+ groups, Churches and Christian organisations.

The Dancing Bear Trilogy presentsThe Alphabet Club Anthology Book

Curated by Jamie Fletcher and published in partnership with the Leeds Big Bookend festival The Alphabet Club Anthology Book features a range of thoughts, perspectives and experiences around the themes of gender, sexuality and faith from over thirty contributors including human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, trans activist and artist Fox Fisher, psychotherapist Alex Drummond, baptist minister Revd Simon Hall, muslim drag queen Asifa Lahore, drag king Adam All, writer and storyteller Matthew Bellwood, playwrights Jo Clifford, Emma Adams and Kieran Hurley and many more.

Art as Activism: a compilation of articles, confessions, stories, songs, photographs, poetry, illustrations and artwork from different LGBTQQIAAP people.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Allies and Pansexual.

Or as I like to call it… The Alphabet Club.

The Alphabet Club Anthology Book

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Producer/Director/Choreographer: Jamie Fletcher

Writer: Matthew Bellwood

Lead Performer/Dancer/Drag Queen: Owen Farrow AKA Divina De Campo

Dancers: Adam Young, Sam Weston, Beth Knight, Thea Mudhar, Daniel Potts, Jonathan Moore, Laura Corbett

Clubbers: Destiny Dyson, Catherine Hawthorn, Phillip Jones, Nick Morgan, Louisa O’Hare, George Thornton, Andrew Renables, Liam Sherrat, Jess Wallace, Stephen Watkins

Director of Photography/Lighting Cameraman: Matt ‘Mutley’ Tullett

Production Assistant: Catherine Hawthorn

Lighting Assistant: Simon Brewis

Post-production by

Animation by Tori J Watson

Editor Matt Tullett

Filmed on location in: Boroughbridge, Knaresborough, Leeds, Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent

Special thanks to:
Heather Jones, Matt Kay, Karina Bowden, James Fulton, Liz & Ed Powell, The Factory, Leftbank Leeds, The Frazer Theatre, Boroughbridge Primary School, KIKI

With thanks to:
Howard Bradley, Joelle Braithwaite, Ian Braithwaite, Vanessa Brown, Dan Brown, Thomas Brauwer, Kath Beynon-Tullett, Faye Brierley, Jess Cope, And David, Jon Dorsett, Jade Duffin, Zoe Eady, Carys Farrow, Laura Fletcher, Geoff Fletcher, Simon Hall, Ellie Harrison, Lynsey Jones, Tim Jones, Becky Jones, Samantha Kershaw, Matthew Kershaw, Jaye Kearney, Gloria Lindh, Heather Marsden, Alan Marsden, Gill Marsden, Pauline Mayers, Kay Morrison, Jim Muckelt, Hannah Muckelt, Helen Muschik, Zoe Parker, Lisa-Jane Pennington, Becky Pickering, Naomi Rothwell, Jodean Sumner, Paul Taylor, Jonathan Walker, Philippa Walker, Joff Williams, Paul Yarwood

And for the generous support from:
Leeds Inspired, LCI (Leeds Church Institute) and Seedbed Trust

© The Dancing Bear Trilogy 2014

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